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Dr. Joel Wallach's 90 for Life

Transformation Challenge.

Claudette N.  Grand Champion Lost 113 lbs

Donna   Champion Lost 81.2 lbs

Vincent B. Grand Champion Lost 110 lbs

Eric Estrada Grand Champion Lost 73 lbs

Kit G.  Champion Lost 73 lbs

Victoria B.  Champion Lost 73 lbs

Sonya A.  Grand Champion Lost 80 lbs

Ervin S. Grand Champion Lost 80 lbs

Jen K.  Champion Lost 70 lbs

Myia A.  Champion Lost 67 lbs

Sharon Z. Champion Lost 57 lbs

Cheryl S.  Champion Lost 54 lbs


   The very fact that your body can not get the 90 critical Vitamins and Minerals it needs in a modern diet, could be one of the main reasons why so many people are overweight.

With obesity reaching epidemic proportions in many countries, managing weight has proven to be a constant challenge for multitudes of people. Using Youngevity's weight loss system, you can achieve simple weight loss and attain optimal physical health safely and effectively.  

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   With obesity reaching epidemic proportions, managing weight has proven to be a constant challenge.  Using Youngevity's weight loss system, you can easily achieve sustained weight loss, while attaining optimal physical health effectively and safely.


why so many people are overweight.


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